How to Add Natural Shine to Hair

*Remember to take your daily Hairberry!*

Avocado Mask:

🔹1 avocado
🔹2 eggs
🔹1 tbs coconut oil
🔹1 tbs honey

1️⃣Mix until creamy, or blend it if you’re feelin’ extra motivated.
2️⃣Apply on hair from roots to ends, focusing on the ends.💆🏼
3️⃣Let sit for 20-30 minutes then rinse🚿 thoroughly and follow with your usual shampoo & conditioner.
4️⃣Style as usual. 
5️⃣Admire your gorgeous new locks like you just left da salon or sumthin.



🥑Avo- Amino acids and proteins will penetrate your scalp and help to heal and nourish scalp. Natural oils add shine and seal split ends.
🥚Egg - Vitamin A increases sebum production, preventing dandruff. Fatty acids increase shine.
🌰Coconut oil - Penetrates the hair shaft to condition and smooth the cuticle and repairs split ends.
🍯Honey - Enzymes and nutrients give dull hair shine without weighing it down.





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